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What are BURN classes? Burn classes are a fun and fast paced exercise class focused on burning the MOST fat and calories in the SHORTEST amount of time possible!  Each class is fun, challenging, and designed for each client to go at their own pace!  If your still not sure, grab a buddy and stop by our gym and try a BURN class out today for FREE!


Each Programs Includes:

- 1 on 1 Training

- Custom Meal Plan

- Custom Workout Plan

- Body Fat Analysis

- Weekly Body Measurments

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SUCCESS  STORIESListen to the stories from our successful clients!  Everyone has a story of how they got started, what they struggled with, and how they managed to succeed.  Sometimes finding someone you can relate with can help you get the courage to start your own journey!  What will be your story, and how many people will you inspire to change their lives?